Feature film currently in development.

Check out the Fund Anything Campaign video here!

Check out the Fund Anything Campaign video here!

Broke and Educated is an independent Comedy film set to star Harley Morenstein of Epic Meal Time, Video Game High school, and Kevin Smith's new film Tusk. Tony Hinchcliffe; Stand up comedian. As well as Kathleen O'Hurley.

The film follows Dan Buddy, and Lindsay.  Three friends in their late 20's who have graduated from their professions. But due to their scum bag bosses, and clients who take advantage of them, fall on hard financial times.


Hilarity ensues when Dan, Buddy and Lindsay learn about a secret vault next door to them. Hitting a financial breaking point, they decide to break in the secret vault and rob the bank.  With help from a pair of quirky friends, a deranged neighbor, and the mob, they just might have what it takes to pull it off.



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