About Slinger Pictures


        Slinger Pictures, specializing in creative, informative, and affordable media, is a small production company  that is ultimately dedicated to giving you more for less. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, we also do productions in Kingston, Ontario and surrounding areas. The work herein is the personal portfolio of Adam Kirkey, an award wining Writer and Director. Years of experience has elevated Slinger Pictures to the status of an unparalleled production company that still offers affordable high quality productions and video services.

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What makes us different, and why choose us?

Aside from our critically acclaimed feature film work, award winning short film work, widely received Children's webisode work, and a slew of satisfied customers, Slinger Pictures has virtually no overhead.




One of the great thinkers of our time, Marshal McLuhan, once said "The medium is the message."

And visual media is the best way to get your message out to todays audience and potential customers.

With other companies you often need to play telephone in order to get your ideas to the artists. 

 Slinger Pictures offers you the chance to speak directly with our artists, giving you the opportunity to effectively convey your ideas and needs for whatever project you may need assistance with.

Additionally, Slinger Pictures has direct access to top of the line equipment, lighting, a full studio space, audio gear,  and professional individuals like photographers and graphic artists. Our cameras also have the ability to deliver a quality product in HD and beyond! This allows us to offer you high end productions for a fraction of the cost!

Unlike other companies, Slinger Pictures also does all of its own in house post production. Ranging from editing, to 3D motion graphics, compositing, colour grading, sound recording, mixing, editing, and design, we have the ability to deliver your content across multiple platforms. This, ultimately, makes us a convenient, one stop shop for all of your visual media needs!


What does that mean for you? High end editing, eye popping effects, and crisp sound all at a premium price.


Thank you for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you!