Slinger Pictures provides realtors with complete, affordable packages to showcase a wide variety of listings 



By utilizing our award-winning artistic techniques and workflows that have been used on feature films and corporate projects, Slinger Pictures provides unparalleled packages at affordable rates.


We've been working with realtors for over 5 years to help them sell homes. We work in the real world, with real world issues. We understand that shooting conditions may not always be opportune and special rush occasions do occur. Our use of high quality HDR photos ensures that listings stand out on luxury properties on sunny days, but as well as average properties on overcast days


Our virtual video tours provide a walk-through of a property, and we can showcase the home in resolutions up to 4K! We also offer on-camera introductions by realtors, which allow for personalized presentation and marketing.


We offer the opportunity for realtors to have a specialized website for each property, which features photos, video, a map, customized branding, and a contact page to directly contact a listing agent about a property.


We provide 24-36HR turn around, as well as free uploading to YouTube or Vimeo. 


The peace of mind Slinger Pictures provides for realtors showcasing a listing is unparalleled. 


Contact us today and see what package suits your needs! Also ask us about our new staging and drone packages! 

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